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Welcome to the Cheryl Nye Online Store! Thanks very much for stopping by! :) xo

If you would like any product autographed, It would be my great pleasure to do it. Just write the name in which you want it to be autographed to in the order section where it says "Please add name...." The store only takes Paypal / Paypal credit right now.

(NO returns) Because this site is "artist run", there are no returns unless item is damaged. Thanks for your understanding! It's appreciated!

If you have any trouble checking out, you can e-mail me with the name and SKU number of the merchandise that you wish to purchase, and I will send you a "paypal invoice" and mail your merchandise to you.

European/Australian/Asian/African shoppers can also e-mail me with the name/SKU number of the merchandise you wish to purchase, and I can send an invoice to you.

Happy shopping, and "Thank You" again for visiting! It's appreciated very much! :) xo

P.S. There is a shipping special for Canadian shoppers. It's $20.00 shipping for whatever fits in the special shipping box (up to 11lbs). (Shipping in Canada is very high compared to other countries).

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