New C.D. "I Surrender To My Heart" Hommage To The James Bond Films (007)

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 #1 song of The Week "I Surrender to My Heart"-Southern Country Radio 

(Nashville, USA) January 15th, 2022

  #1 Song of The Week "I Surrender To My Heart"-Southern Country Radio (Nashville, USA)

January 1st, 2022

 #1 Song of The Week "I Surrender To My Heart" -Southern Country Radio (Nashville, USA) December 18th, 2021

 #1 song "Eyes of A  Stranger"- Indie Star Radio  Network (Los Angeles, USA)

January 25, 2018 

Winner of ISSA "Female Songwriter of The Year" bronze

Winner of the ISSA International "Female Songwriter Of The Year" award -2019 (bronze)

Also nominated for "Best Female Vocalist Of The Year ", and "Female Rising Star".


Red Carpet Gala Atlanta, Georgia (USA)(Aug. 3rd, 2019)

 International Pop Artist Of The Month (3rd) -International Singer-Songwriter's Assoc./ ISSA (Atlanta,GA/USA) December. 1, 2021

 #1 song "I Surrender To My Heart"- Monie's New Music Radio (USA/UK).

Week of September 10, 2018 

 #1 songs -Hamilton Radio (NJ, USA) on VIP Channel "Breakfast With The Indies"

"I Surrender To My Heart, Eyes Of A Stranger, Take Me Through The Night May 14th, 2017


 #1 Song of The Year  "Eyes Of A Stranger"-Loop Radio(U.K.)

December 28th, 2015

 #1 song "I Surrender To My Heart-Hamilton Radio (NJ, USA)

June 23rd, 2016

 #1 song "Eyes Of A Stranger" VRadio Nashville

Top 40 

April 5th, 2016

Winner of the ISSA International “Female Vocalist Of The Year”- 2020 (bronze)

Also nominated for “Female Songwriter Of The Year”, "Female Rising Star", 

and “Video Of The Year" 2020. (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)


Winner of The Akademia Music Award for Best Pop/Ballad Song "Eyes Of A Stranger" -(Beverly Hills, California USA) February 2015

Winner of The Akademia Music Award for Best Pop/Ballad Song "I Surrender To My Heart" (Beverly Hills, California, USA) February ,2016

Winner of The Akademia Music Award for Best Pop Song "Take Me Through The Night"

February 15th, 2017

 #1 song "I Surrender To My Heart"-Fame Music Radio-Top 10 (Los Angeles/South Africa)

April 25th, 2016

#1 song "I Surrender To My Heart" Fame Music Radio (Los Angeles./South Africa)

April 18th, 2016

 #1 Song Of The Week (Loop Radio, U.K.)

-April 27th,2014,

- May 11th, 2014,

- May 25th, 2014.



 #1 Album/Artist for almost 7 years on the Montreal Reverbnation Charts for Pop/Other Category

2012- Jan.2018

 #1 song "I Surrender To My Heart" Radio VGR

May 23,2016

#1 song "Eyes Of A Stranger". The Ray Powers Hour -Top 10.

April 14th, 2016

#1 song "I Surrender To My Heart" -Fame Music Radio-Top 10 (L.A./S.A.)

April 4th, 2016

 #1 song "I Surrender To My Heart"

-Fame Music RadioTop 10

(Los Angeles/South Africa.)

April 11h, 2016

I'm very honoured to have a Billboard promotion on Times Square in New York, NY (USA). It's located on the US Polo Association Billboard. 

Billboard Photo Credit: Paul Laflamme (Laflammenet.com)

Ad Designer: Lee Chang

Thank you to Ray Powers ("The Ray Powers Hour" / Program Director of NewVisionsradio.com / and artist: raypowers.bandcamp.com), for capturing the "live" video of the billboard for me off the street...The ad will often run twice a week.You can see it on

Earthcam. https://www.earthcam.com/cams/newyork/timessquare/?cam=tsrobo3 (Click on "Crossroads" angle or Times Square 4K" angle (below screen).

....Cheryl is one artist you will not soon forget.Her music borders on symphonic but rests in the realm of Pop. With the voice of an angel, Cheryl has the gift of touching you with her lyric and melody on some amazing songs. She has written in English, Spanish & French and sounds like she was born to them.....I have found in following her career that she is one of those artists that gets adopted wherever she performs. She has worked in venues, festivals, and concert halls in the States and Canada; receives airplay worldwide, and even sung at sporting events....She is a stage performer, radio artist and model....I would venture to say that Cheryl Nye is a renaissance woman of the first order and it is an honor to have her as a guest on the show.


Douglas Dickens : On Air Personality/Host "Mixposure" (USA)

This Canadian bombshell has just about done it all...her resume reads like a who's Who..but in deference to all those kudos there is one thing that stands out above the rest,her creativity and expertise in writing, composing, and performing 200 of her countless original songs over the past decade.Accolades have poured in from many sources that have ranked her in the top on various playlists.


Review By Michael McKenna

Steel Notes Magazine, USA (2015)

This song has James Bond written all over it. Get it to Eon Productions. It belongs in one of their movies. (RE: "Eyes Of A Stranger")


The ICEMAN (2014)

Host/DJ: Best Country Radio

"Top 40 Country Artist Countdown Show

...The emotional experiences and instrumentation are beyond words, they can be described as heavenly, haunting, melodic,and very soothing....


Tina Wilson

Global Entertainment Magazine



Cheryl Nye is a Montreal born and raised Singer-Songwriter with Canadian & American citizenship. Her roots go back over 215 years in Montreal.She has her Degree in Music (B.F.A.) (Voice & Piano). Cheryl has sung on many T.V. shows, and has been interviewed on numerous radio shows, as well as being a guest co-host for international radio shows. She has sung on many shows in Las Vegas, including “Sam’s Town Live” (of Sam’s Town NASCAR racing fame). She has performed throughout Upstate New York, and Montreal. She has 3 C.D.’ s currently on the market entitled "I Surrender To My Hear" (Hommage To The James Bond Films(007) With Original Songs by Singer-Songwriter Cheryl Nye),“Eyes Of A Stranger” & “With Goodbyes.”  

Recent Accomplishments include:

-Won International Singer-Songwriter's Assoc. (ISSA) "Female Vocalist Of The Year" 2020- bronze. (Aug.2020) Atlanta, Georgia.

-Won International Singer-Songwriters Assoc.(ISSA) "Songwriter Of The Year" 2019-bronze (Red Carpet Gala, Atlanta, Georgia, USA) (Aug. 3rd, 2019).

-"Brick Chick Musician of The Year" -2020 Lego Indie Music Awards. (Cowboy Joe Radio /Wyoming,USA).

-(ISSA) "International Best Pop Artist" June 2019 -3rd place(June 2019).

#1 song “I Surrender To My Heart”-Monie’s New Music Radio(USA) 

(Week of Sept 10, 2018)

#1 song “Eyes Of A Stranger”- Indie Star Radio Network (Los Angeles, USA) (Jan.25th, 2018)

Won "Artist Of The Year 2017" New Visions Radio Network (New York,USA) (Jan.15, 2018) 
"Spotlight Artist Of The Year" New Visions Radio Network (New York, USA) (Dec. 5,2017) 
"#3 Most Requested Song Of 2017" on "Voice Across The Air"(All Request Show). (Dec.28, 2017). 
#1 song on "Indie Star Nation Top 21 Countdown".(L.A.) (Jan.25, 2018) 

#2 song on "Indie Star Nation Top 21 Countdown" (L.A.) (Jan.14, 2018).

Winner of The Akademia Music Award for Best Song in Category Pop/Ballad for her song that she wrote and performed entitled"Take Me Through The Night" (Feb, 15th, 2017).

Winner Of The Akademia Music Award for Best Pop/Ballad song for her song she wrote and performed entitled "I Surrender To My Heart" (February 2016). (Beverly Hills, California)

Winner of The Akademia Music Award for Best Pop/Acoustic Song for the song she wrote and performed entitled “Eyes Of A Stranger” (Feb.15th, 2015).(Beverly Hills, California


#1 songs (Hamilton Radio, NJ, USA) on VIP Channel "Breakfast With The Indies: "I Surrender To My Heart, Eyes Of A Stranger, Take Me Through The Night (May 14th, 2017)

#1 song "I Surrender To My Heart"- Radio Indie Alliance Top 10 (April 25th, 2016)

#1 song "I Surrender To My Heart" -Fame Music Radio Top 10 (April 18th, 2016)

#1 song "Eyes Of A Stranger" The Ray Powers Hour- Top 10 (April 14th, 2016).

#1 song "I Surrender To My Heart" -Fame Music Radio Top 10 (April 11,2016)

#1 song "I Surrender To My Heart" Fame Music Radio Top 10 (April 4th, 2016)

#1 song "Eyes Of A Stranger" VRADIO NASHVILLE Top 40 Countdown (April 5th, 2016)

#1 Song Of The Year (Loop Radio, U.K.) (Dec.28th, 2014) “Eyes Of A Stranger”(tied)

#1 Album/Artist “Eyes Of A Stranger” for almost 3 years on the Montreal “Reverbnation” Charts for “Pop/Other” Category. (2012-2014).

#1 Song Of The Week (Loop Radio, UK) (April 27thh, 2014) “Eyes Of A Stranger”

#1 Song Of The Week (Loop Radio, UK) (May 11th, 2014) “Eyes Of A Stranger”

#1 Song Of The Week (Loop Radio, UK) (May 25thth, 2014) “Eyes Of A Stranger”

“Artist Of The Week” (Loop Radio (UK) (June, 2014)

“Artist Of The Month” (Loop Radio, UK) (July 2014)

“Featured Artist Of the Month” (SplashRadio, England,Dec. 2012)

#1 Album for 3 weeks WRVU-Nashville (Host Ken Berryhill) 2001

#2 Most Requested Song of The Week on Fame Music Radio (Johannesburg, South, Africa/L.A.) (Week of January 17th 2015 & February 12th, 2015 )

#3 Most Requested Song Of The Year on "Voice Across The Air" (All Request Show) (2017) for "Take Me Through The Night."

Top 10 song in “Latin” Category (Ourstage /USA Contest)) for her song “La Manera En Que Necesito Que Me Ames”.#4 in “Instrumental” Category ( Ourstage/ USA contest) for her song “Ode To A Heart”. (2008) Cheryl has sung the National Anthems for the Montreal Expos (7 times), The Montreal Canadiens, The Montreal Impact (2 home openers), The Toronto BlueJays, Ottawa RoughRiders, Jazz De Montreal.

She has also been an International songwriting judge for SOWI (Songwriters of Wisconsin International) for 15 years.

Cheryl Nye is listed in the:

-International “Who’s Who In Music -Volume 2: Popular Music” (1999-2017)-----“World Who’s Who Of Women” (2012)

-2,000 Most Accomplished Musicians Of The 20th Century (2004)

-The Blue Book (Cambridge, England)- (Found in the Washington  D.C. Library Of Congress) -


Night photo of Times Square, New York, N.Y. (USA) (ABOVE)

Photo Credit: George Anhang

Counsel at Shearman & Sterling LLP


Night photo of Times Square, New York, NY (USA) Photo taken through Earthcam Oct. 2020.

EARTHCAM photo (Feb.29,2020) (BELOW)

"Awesome (x 1,000,000) song!" 

Re: "Eyes Of A Stranger"

Host/DJ: Ray Powers: "The Ray Powers Hour" New Visions Radio Network. (New York, USA) (Oct.2017).


Winner of the “Brick Chick Musician Of The Year” 2020,with a fan vote "landslide" victory at the “2020 Lego Indie Music Awards” held by Cowboy Joe Radio (Wyoming, USA). 



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Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
C.D. back cover
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
I Surrender To My Heart by Cheryl Nye CC
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye
Cheryl Nye


NEW VIDEO!  Nominated for"Video Of The Year" 2021 by The International Singer-Songwriter's Assoc.ISSA(USA)Video of C.D."I Surrender To My Heart" Hommage to The James Bond Films(007) with original songs by Singer-Songwriter Cheryl Nye

(You can see 4 more videos below)

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